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The 6 Most Common Internet Scams 2014

15th September 2014
Every year we round up what Internet scams online fraud we’ve encountered the most prolifically during the course of the last 12 months. We countdown the most common Internet scams that we’ve seen during the latter part of 20 more

Open Facebook invitation to party... Chaos ensues

10th September 2014
Callum Tilbury and Hayden Hall couldn’t plead ignorance regarding their out-of-control party last weekend that saw over 500 people turn up after an open invitation was posted on social media. It’s happened before, famously. An more

BHLive Peter Pan ticket email scam fools readers

8th September 2014
As seasoned veterans in the email scam game we consider ourselves pretty hard to fool, but even we were left scratching our heads as a very realistic email purporting to come from BHLive tickets. The email (below) asserted to conf more

5 Popular Myths About Computer Malware

8th September 2014
There are plenty of myths floating around about malware, which can lull users into a false sense of security. We examine 5 such myths. I have a virus. My computer must have been hacked. Once we come to the realisa more

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Eminem quitting music after going to rehab?

14 Sep 2014
Rumours are circulating that popular rapper Eminem is quitting music after checking in to rehab for a heroin addiction. The rumours can be traced back to an article from Huzlers that claims the rapper is focussing on family after struggling with more

FDA finds Coors Light has cocaine in it?

11 Sep 2014
Rumours are circulating that the FDA has found cocaine in a number of Coors Light beers, who have stopped production pending an investigation. According to many articles circulating, an FDA spokesperson said We cannot more

Are Muslims against Peppa Pig?

9 Sep 2014
Rumours are spreading across social media that a number of Muslims want to ban the popular Peppa Pig cartoon because it is offensive to Islam. A popular YouTube video and Facebook group named “Muslims Against Peppa Pig” increased in more

Officer Darren Wilson injured eye socket image

4 Sep 2014
An image (below) of a man with a serious injury to this eye are spreading across social media along with the caption that the photo belongs to Officer Darren Wilson, the Missouri police officer who killed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson in more

0809 Premium Rate scam warning

29 Aug 2014
Messages are spreading across social media that warns UK users to an apparent con that involves the scammer informing the victim they need to call an 0809 number. Upon calling the number the victim is then billed £1500 per minute. Variants also more