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The attached image is circulating that claims popular fried chicken outlet KFC has changed its name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC because what they serve could no longer be described as chickens, rather "genetically manipulated organisms", bred purely to be eaten by KFC consumers. The message also claims these genetically mutated "chickens" have no feet, feathers or beaks in order to lower production costs.

The message is nonsense and has no basis in reality whatsoever. There is absolutely no evidence or reliable sources anywhere that suggest that KFC engage in breeding any kind of genetically mutated organisms like those suggested in the message above.

Whilst it is true that Kentucky Fried Chicken do increasingly employ their acronym in marketing material this is to reduce the emphasize on the word "fried" in an attempt to highlight the growing range of products that they sell. This is noted by a businessweek article where their management explain the change -

To sell this change, Craig and Cranor are planning a gradual replacement of the original name with just the initials KFC. "The key is to reduce dependence on the word fried"

KFC have also repeatedly denied the rumour via their Facebook Page, in one instance stating -

This is not true. KFC uses the same quality chicken that you can find at your local grocer.

Additionally the additional assertion that the government have demanded that KFC stop using the word chicken is easily proven to be false since a quick look at their website KFC.com quickly turns up multiple usages of the word Chicken including their homepage title which currently reads "Original Recipe Chicken | KFC.com".

These silly warnings are baseless, fail to provide any evidence whatsoever to back up their absurd claims and should absolutely not be circulated.

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